House of VND is a leading luxury & lifestyle food destination for food connoisseurs of India.

We are a bunch of experimental & passionate folks who love traveling around the globe and learning about food & ingredients. We understand what luxury food is all about

We are the premier manufacturer of world-class Dragees under the brand name of Exotic Chocolatiers.

Our mission is to create quality products that will enable us to operate globally with a significant competitive advantage.

Our vision is to expand regionally based on thorough market analysis, market demand, and its estimated growth rate

We import the premier brands who have won several awards in international competitions for their exceptional taste & quality. We source chocolates that are made from the finest cacao beans around the globe. Our chocolatiers only settle for the world’s finest chocolate. We bring you the brands & products that the rest of the world raves about. All our brands signify a rare and premium-quality gourmet experience.

Our upcoming lounges and our pristine one-of-a-kind Signature Chocolate Studio awaits you with an exquisite lounge space and a wide array of chocolates and desserts, promising you pure artistry and craftsmanship ever ready to entice you.

We present to you a new world of true couverture chocolates, dragees, and more, made from real and authentic ingredients concocted by master chocolatiers from around the world. We produce niche products including Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan.